Style Icons: Introduction

We all have them. Celebrities who we just love their style. I have been thinking about this a lot, especially as I was preparing to cut my hair. It always makes changes a little bit easier when you can see it on someone else, especially a celebrity! I recently started a board on Pinterest titled, Style Icons, so I thought I would share some of my icons with you.

Style Icon #1: Lucy Hale


This should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me. This is literally the exact hair cut I just got. I loved Lucy’s style as Aria on Pretty Little Liars, but love Lucy’s more subtle, classic look even more. She has a great way of combining classic elements with a little bit of edgy.


Style Icon #2: Emma Watson


Hermione was no fashion icon, but the actress who played her sure is. She is so classically gorgeous! Her makeup is always on point and so is her wardrobe. She has the best everyday looks that I am looking forward to recreating. Accio fashion!


Style Icon #3: Lily Collins


Why I first started looking up Lily Collins on Pinterest? Eyebrows. I have dark thick eyebrows myself and lately have been obsessed with embracing them. Although her eyebrows first caught my attention, this woman’s style is amazing. She is also a representative for Lancome so she always has gorgeous makeup.


Along with these ladies, you can throw in some J.Law, Demi Lovato and AUDREY HEPBURN (for sure) They all combine elements of classy with a splash of sassy/edgy, not to mention they all either current rock the same haircut as me, or have in the past.


I am excited to show you how Younique and Chloe & Isabel will help me achieve some of these looks that I am going for.


If you are interested in keeping up with these Style Icons, following me on Pinterest at . If you see some looks that match my style icons send me pictures! I’d also love to hear who your style icons are!!


Thanks!! Keep posted for tutorials!






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