Trending: Jacket Earrings

You may have not even noticed this new fashion trend yet. They are called jacket earrings, and I love them.

Here are some jacket earrings on celebrities:

(I do not own the rights to these photographs.)

How cute is this look? It is a fun new twist on statement earrings.

So now you need a pair right? So did I! Luckily Chloe & Isabel is up on this trend and has 2 different pairs of jacket earrings available, both of which are convertible styles!

Jacket Earring #1: Aventine $34 (click Chloe & Isabel on top bar to shop!)


Wear them as cute, classy studs or add the fun spiked bottoms for a more fun and flirty look!

Jacket Earring #2 Bella Fiore $38


Okay, this set is just crazy. For $38 you get EIGHT different styles using four different pieces. This was one of the first things I ordered from our Spring Collection. I just adore them!

I wore them today in fact:

I’m in love to say the least! I wore them as they come packaged but cannot wait to try the other combinations. Convertible pieces are my favorite because you get multiple styles by only ordering one piece of jewelry. When that piece is backed by a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee, you really cannot beat our prices!

Honorable mention of this post:

My makeup.

I woke up today sick as a dog. Congested and feeling lousy. Thankfully my Younique cosmetics gave me the boost I needed to not look as miserable as I felt. Finally got my eyebrow pencil and gel back! I had run out and was really missing it. I also got fresh tubes of 3D Mascara so I was feeling pretty okay when I left the house today!

Thanks for reading!




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