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Cosmetic Consultations



Now Offering: Cosmetic Consultations!!

Any local ladies (Greensburg, Pittsburgh, Beaver Co, and surrounding areas)

Let’s get together and talk Cosmetics!! I will bring my makeup with me, show you proper application techniques, make shade suggestions, make a recommendation list for your personal needs, etc!

Consultations will be free of charge when placing an order over $100. (this can be combined with multiple people if you’d like to bring a friend or two!) Orders over $200 will qualify for coupons & credits towards your next purchase!

All other consultations will cost $10-20 depending on how far I have to drive to meet you.

Not a bad deal!
Schedule your consultation today!



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Starting this June I will be adding LuLaRoe to Courtney Masters Boutique! I am so excited to share my favorite clothing line with you all! LuLaRoe offers many different styles including a variety of dresses, skirts, tops, children’s clothing AND our famous BUTTERY leggings! Shopping will mostly take place online on Facebook, but in home parties will be available for local ladies as well! You can add yourself to my Facebook page by clicking the LuLaRoe link at the top of this page.

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Updates: Sales/Promotions

Chloe & Isabel just announced some amazing things going on this month!

  1. March Hostesses: Host a party online to earn DOUBLE the free jewelry when you reach $1000 sales before March 15th. Doesn’t feel possible? Trust me we can do it! We’re talking about $500 in FREE jewelry for hosting an online jewelry party!
  2. Customer Appreciation: Earn $50 in jewelry credits for your next purchase when you spend $200. Stock up & you get to shop again later!

Younique just launched some new products! 

(Pictured below, click Younique tab at the top of the page for more information)


New products also mean new collections! There are six new collections available!

I have chosen my favorite to feature on this post but be sure to click the Younique tab at the top of the page to see all six!

Feast Your Eyes Collection:


This collection features products that I use every day! Of course there is the 3D Mascara but also the eyebrow pencil and gel, which really makes my eyebrows better than anything else I have ever tried. And I am obsessed with my eyebrows! It also feature our Splurge Cream Eye Shadow. I wear the cream shadow almost every day in shade Dainty, which is a light, very faint purple shade. Our eyeshadow palettes are absolutely amazing. I have palette 1 which is shades of brown and gold and just today got palette 3 which is shades of purple, pink and black! LOVE!!

There is a lot of exciting stuff going on around here! Don’t miss out on the fun!

Contact me with questions!

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Trending: Jacket Earrings

You may have not even noticed this new fashion trend yet. They are called jacket earrings, and I love them.

Here are some jacket earrings on celebrities:

(I do not own the rights to these photographs.)

How cute is this look? It is a fun new twist on statement earrings.

So now you need a pair right? So did I! Luckily Chloe & Isabel is up on this trend and has 2 different pairs of jacket earrings available, both of which are convertible styles!

Jacket Earring #1: Aventine $34 (click Chloe & Isabel on top bar to shop!)


Wear them as cute, classy studs or add the fun spiked bottoms for a more fun and flirty look!

Jacket Earring #2 Bella Fiore $38


Okay, this set is just crazy. For $38 you get EIGHT different styles using four different pieces. This was one of the first things I ordered from our Spring Collection. I just adore them!

I wore them today in fact:

I’m in love to say the least! I wore them as they come packaged but cannot wait to try the other combinations. Convertible pieces are my favorite because you get multiple styles by only ordering one piece of jewelry. When that piece is backed by a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee, you really cannot beat our prices!

Honorable mention of this post:

My makeup.

I woke up today sick as a dog. Congested and feeling lousy. Thankfully my Younique cosmetics gave me the boost I needed to not look as miserable as I felt. Finally got my eyebrow pencil and gel back! I had run out and was really missing it. I also got fresh tubes of 3D Mascara so I was feeling pretty okay when I left the house today!

Thanks for reading!



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Style Icons: Introduction

We all have them. Celebrities who we just love their style. I have been thinking about this a lot, especially as I was preparing to cut my hair. It always makes changes a little bit easier when you can see it on someone else, especially a celebrity! I recently started a board on Pinterest titled, Style Icons, so I thought I would share some of my icons with you.

Style Icon #1: Lucy Hale


This should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me. This is literally the exact hair cut I just got. I loved Lucy’s style as Aria on Pretty Little Liars, but love Lucy’s more subtle, classic look even more. She has a great way of combining classic elements with a little bit of edgy.


Style Icon #2: Emma Watson


Hermione was no fashion icon, but the actress who played her sure is. She is so classically gorgeous! Her makeup is always on point and so is her wardrobe. She has the best everyday looks that I am looking forward to recreating. Accio fashion!


Style Icon #3: Lily Collins


Why I first started looking up Lily Collins on Pinterest? Eyebrows. I have dark thick eyebrows myself and lately have been obsessed with embracing them. Although her eyebrows first caught my attention, this woman’s style is amazing. She is also a representative for Lancome so she always has gorgeous makeup.


Along with these ladies, you can throw in some J.Law, Demi Lovato and AUDREY HEPBURN (for sure) They all combine elements of classy with a splash of sassy/edgy, not to mention they all either current rock the same haircut as me, or have in the past.


I am excited to show you how Younique and Chloe & Isabel will help me achieve some of these looks that I am going for.


If you are interested in keeping up with these Style Icons, following me on Pinterest at . If you see some looks that match my style icons send me pictures! I’d also love to hear who your style icons are!!


Thanks!! Keep posted for tutorials!





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Big Updates!!

Big things are happening my friends and I am beyond excited! I am more excited about my business than ever before!


Chloe & Isabel is starting a President’s Day sale TODAY at noon EST!! Buy two get one free ANYTHING! Helllllo? Too good to pass up! We just launched our Spring Collection and it is my favorite collection since I have been working for Chloe & Isabel! I placed my order last night and will be showing you my new pieces when they come in! On my boutique, you can easily access all our new items by clicking “Chloe and Isabel” at the top of this page, then click “What’s New?!” on the dashboard!


Younique is offering free shipping on orders over $50 this month only! If you are like me, you hate wasting money on shipping!! Younique always offers free shipping on orders over $100 but this month you only have to spend $50 to get that free shipping! Find a friend who always wants to try our amazing 3D Mascara and order together!


Local Ladies!!! Come see me on March 5th at the Women’s Expo in Greensburg, PA. Contact me for more details!


Thank you all for your continued support!




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Back on Track!

Lets be honest here, I have been horrible with keeping up with my blog & business! I was so busy and overwhelmed with a full-time job that I lost steam for my real passion, Courtney Masters Boutique.

I am back and more determined than ever to have a successful business and blog! Thank you to my loyal customers who have kept me in business!

Both of my companies have great things happening right now!

-Chloe & Isabel launches their Semi-Annual sale today at noon EST. Huuuuge discounts! Perfect time to get that statement necklace you’ve been waiting to go on sale or pick up a pair of cute everyday studs you’ve been needing! To shop this sale click Chloe & Isabel at the top of this page!

-Younique is offering a free pair of lash curlers with any purchase over $50! That’s easy! Treat yourself to a mascara & cream shadow, or any combination of our fabulous products.

– This year I am really looking to host more parties than ever. Parties can be done in home for my local ladies or online for anyone! It is the easiest way to earn free jewelry or cosmetics!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have! I’d love to help you out! I stand behind both of these companies and think you will really love our products.


Thanks again for your continued support. Bring on 2016!!!




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New Website, New Start!


I recently started a full-time job that has taken me away from my beautiful business! Now that I am settled in my new job, I am happy to shift my focus back to Courtney Masters Boutique! For those of you who are new to my site, WELCOME! I sell the most amazing products but it is so much more than that for me! I hope to make this website a great representative of who I am, as well as represent the wonderful companies that I work for.

For those veteran customers of Courtney Masters Boutique, thanks for sticking around! This has been a fun adventure already but it’s about to get way better!

Thank you for your patience as I work out the kinks with my website to make it better 🙂



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My website is currently under construction, but don’t let that stop you from shopping!



Thanks for your patience!!


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